Meet Ali Terveen

Ali Terveen is part of Kalon’s first impressions team, and in her own words, she gets to “greet people with lots of warmth and love,” something that comes naturally to her even outside Kalon.

But more than her welcoming personality, Kalon visitors appreciate her product knowledge. She’s leveling up as a certified ZO expert; however, it’s her personal experience with skincare that’s often her greatest asset to customers who need recommendations.

“I’ve been a commercial and high fashion model for nearly seven years and clear skin is a big deal in the industry,” Ali said. “It’s really important to know how to care for it the right way.”

Ali is represented by an agency in New York, and because her modeling work is flexible, she and her husband Nate are able to make their home in Sioux Falls. It’s an ideal home base between their families, the places Ali travels for shoots, and the University of South Dakota, where Nate will begin law school later this year.

After modeling and skincare, Ali loves to bake (specifically cakes and bread), paint with watercolors, practice pilates, and volunteer with Young Life, a ministry to middle and high school students. She looks forward to cardamom lattes at The Breaks and cracking open new books.

This is actually Ail’s second stint at Kalon. She helped out during the holiday season of 2020 before she and Nate moved to New York for a year. When they returned to Sioux Falls, she knew she wanted to return to Kalon as well.

“The women I work with are strong, positive people in my life and have influenced me inside and outside of Kalon.”

“The women I work with are strong, positive people in my life and have influenced me inside and outside of Kalon,” she said. “These are such great people to be around that they make working here an awesome experience.”

Those positive people come with the added bonus of being knowledgeable about skin care. Though she wasn’t without a good base when she started, Ali has enjoyed drawing from her co-workers’ experience.

“They’ve taught me how to truly take care of my skin,” she said. “It’s been rewarding to pass that knowledge on to Kalon’s patients.”

Ali has amassed so many skincare favorites that it’s hard for her to pick just three top choices. But if she has to narrow it down, her choices are Éminence Clear Skin Probiotic Mask, Éminence Facial Recovery Oil, and ZO cleansers.

Want to hear the rest of her list? Ask her to share it the next time you visit Kalon.