Prepping for a MicroLaserPeel


Uncover your youthful looking skin. Kalon’s MicroLaserPeel removes the outermost layer of damaged skin with exceptional precision. Say goodbye to irregular texture, scars, sun damage, and tired, aged skin. With the damaged layer gone, your healthy, vibrant skin will be revealed.

90 min

2–4 days

MicroLaserPeel FAQs

Your provider will apply a topical anesthetic, or numbing cream, to the area you’re treating. The laser will be adjusted based on whether you have opted for one aggressive treatment or multiple less-aggressive treatments. The MicroLaserPeel affects only the outermost layers of skin, so most clients do not experience much discomfort. Depending on the size of the treatment area, your session may last from 15 to 30 minutes.

The first layer of damaged skin will fall away within a few days. You may experience some redness and mild swelling in the treatment area. Avoid direct sunlight while your skin heals.

One treatment can deliver excellent results, but results vary from person to person. MicroLaserPeel is often used in conjunction with our ProFractional services. Schedule a consultation to create your personalized plan.

Better Together: MicroLaserPeel + ProFractional

Multiply the benefits of MicroLaserPeel by combining it with the cutting-edge technology of ProFractional laser skin resurfacing. While the MicroLaserPeel removes the outermost layer of damaged skin, the ProFractional laser will diminish deeper damage or unwanted pigmentation. In one appointment, you’ll receive two treatments that complement each other. The result will be vibrant, beautiful skin.

Better Together: MicroLaserPeel + BBL

For even more powerful sun damage and wrinkle reduction, pair a MicroLaserPeel with our BroadBand Light (BBL) treatment. The MicroLaserPeel will remove the outermost layer of skin while the light from the BBL will awaken your skin cells’ anti-aging properties, leaving you with a healthy layer of skin that looks smoother and brighter.