Kalon aesthetician prepping for a Teen Facial

Teen Facial

Kalon’s Teen Facial helps clear acne for our younger clients. Our professional lines of ZO Skin Health or Éminence Organics offer deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, and pore extractions. We’ll guide teens through the steps of effective skin care and teach them the best techniques to use in their skin care routine.

45 min


Teen Facial FAQs

Teens ages 12-18 benefit from our Teen Facial. We have treated younger patients who struggle with acne. Schedule a consultation to discuss your teen’s needs.

You and your provider will discuss your skin type, conditions, and what treatments or products you currently use. After a complete skin analysis, your provider will help you choose the best facial regimen from our premium line of ZO Skin Health or Éminence Organics products.

In your private facial room, you’ll change into a gown and prepare to be pampered. Your provider will help you customize your experience by adjusting the brightness and color of the room lighting, the temperature of the massage bed, and the genre and volume of the music according to your preferences.

Your provider will apply a topical anesthetic, or numbing cream, to the area you’re treating. The laser will be adjusted based on whether you have opted for one aggressive treatment or multiple less-aggressive treatments. Your provider will gently roll the Halo device over your skin. Depending on the size of the treatment area, your session may last from 15 to 30 minutes.

Since each patient and skin type is different, we will provide education and training tailored to you. We will recommend an at-home skincare routine to extend the benefits of your facial and help keep acne clear. Visit with us about our ongoing Acne Therapy treatments.

Better Together

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Teen Facial Providers

Angie Steen
Licensed Aesthetician

Talia Haight
Licensed Aesthetician