Find Your Outer Glow with Halo

Halo Service at Kalon

Between the blowing winds and dropping temperatures, summer seems like a distant memory. You’ve been seeking something—anything, really—to bring back that sunkissed feeling. Though we can’t bottle up the sun, we can still help you achieve a healthy glow with one of our most innovative technology treatments.

Meet Halo, the World’s Only Hybrid Fractional Laser

Halo is the first fractionated laser to use both ablative and non-ablative technology. The ablative laser creates tiny pathways in the skin, while the nonablative laser pokes thermal injuries into the skin. The laser pulses signal the skin to produce more collagen and elastin, both of which work to minimize wrinkles.

Compared to past laser treatment options, Halo offers multiple levels of treatment in one procedure with less downtime. A Halo procedure offers a wide range of benefits by improving the color, texture, and tone of skin (brown spots, be gone!). Halo even targets damage that you can’t observe from the skin’s surface and minimizes the size of your pores.

The Treatment Process

A Kalon specialist will begin by asking you a set of questions to determine your eligibility for the Halo procedure. Though Halo works for most patients, the procedure may not be ideal for clients with darker skin tones. Instead, specialists may recommend microneedling or chemical peels, both great alternative options.

After they’ve determined if Halo is the right fit for you, the specialist will apply a numbing cream to your face. Once the cream has been properly absorbed, they will begin by rolling the Halo wand over the skin.

You should expect redness and swelling following treatment, along with intense peeling. Around day two or three, you will begin to notice tiny dark spots. These spots are parts of unhealthy tissue called MENDS. Halo pulls the unhealthy tissue to the skin’s surface, and the MENDS peel off on their own. The peeling skin will subside, revealing radiant new skin underneath. It’s important to avoid sun exposure while the skin is healing, which makes the winter months ideal for trying this treatment. Total downtime for the treatment lasts from five to fourteen days.

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Winter is the perfect time to treat sun spots. Schedule an appointment with a Kalon specialist to determine if Halo is the right treatment for you!