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If you’ve been single-minded in your pursuit of fitness, but your double chin is hanging on, Kalon Medical Spa is pleased to offer Kybella. As a nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment, Kybella dissolves and permanently destroys fat cells in a targeted area. It’s an effective and permanent strategy to remove fat from the neck, chin, or any facial area you would like to treat. The result will be a contoured jawline and sculpted facial profile.

60–90 min

2–4 days

Kybella FAQs

Kybella is a synthetic copy of a chemical produced by the gallbladder called deoxycholic acid. It helps break down fat. When it’s injected into an area of submental fullness—the fancy term for “double chin”—it dissolves the cell wall, allowing stored fat to be carried away by your body’s natural clean-up processes.

Your provider will administer a cold compress to the targeted area. They will apply a temporary grid “tattoo” for precision and spatial accuracy of the injections. Kybella is administered through a series of small injections throughout the area.

You will feel a series of needle pricks in the fatty layer under your jawline. You may experience a warm or stinging sensation which usually goes away 20 minutes after the procedure is completed. For the next 10 to 14 days, you will experience tenderness in your chin, fullness, and possible bruising. Expect some inflammation and swelling as your body’s natural healing processes occur.

The number of treatments needed varies from patient to patient. Genetics and personal preference are factors, but most patients are happy after 2 to 4 treatments.

About 2 to 4 months after your first treatment, inflammation will be gone, and you will notice a more defined jawline. You may heal and respond more quickly after a second treatment.

Yes. Fat cells are destroyed and “flushed” by your body’s natural processes. However, Kybella is not meant to destroy every fat cell under the chin. If significant weight gain occurs, the remaining cells will store fat and submental fullness may reappear.

If you’re at a healthy body weight and you’re ready to be rid of that stubborn double chin, schedule a consultation to see if Kybella is right for you.

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Kybella Providers

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