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If you’re looking to diminish deep wrinkles, facial folds, or smile lines, Sculptra is a natural and gradual solution. Over time, Sculptra revitalizes collagen growth and restores facial volume. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles for a less drastic and more natural-looking effect that lasts for years.

60 min

10–14 days

Sculptra FAQs

Sculptra is injected into the deep layers of your skin to restore facial volume at a foundational level. Over time, your skin absorbs these nutrients and microparticles to gradually rebuild lost collagen and reinforce skin structure.

Typically, our patients schedule three injection appointments over several months. Schedule a consultation to find out what’s right for you.

The benefit of Sculptra is its gradual and long-term effects on your skin’s underlying structure. Over the next several months, as Sculptra supports your body’s natural collagen growth, you’ll have that “well-rested” look as your facial volume is gradually restored.

Sculptra is used to support natural collagen growth in hollow-looking cheeks or sunken temples as well as deep nasolabial folds, also known as “smile lines.”

Better Together

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Sculptra Providers

Chelsey Ahlers

Heidi Thoreson